Michaelka’s hunting

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Pigs lol Read more

Spain: ‘Hermit wanted’ at cliff-top sanctuary – BBC News

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Medieval sanctuary in Spain puts out a job advert for a hermit. Read more

Pigeons and Planes

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Made the beat then murdered it… Read more

Area Hero Arrested By Fascists For Disabling Red Light Cameras

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The arrest of a New Yorker for disabling red light cameras poses a question that all must answer: is this Son of Liberty a great hero, or the greatest hero? H/T Bruce P. MajorsRead more

How To Tell If You’re In A Chivalric Romance By Chrétien de Troyes

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A disrespectful maiden becomes your only friend after you kill the man who kidnapped the other man who killed her first boyfriend. Sir Kay is taunting you. Your story has broken off, unfinished. You successfully defend yourself against accusations of having slept with your lord’s wife. You have, but… Read more

USA Sevens Rugby

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Bollywood made a rugby movie and it’s INCREDIBLE. Can’t stop watching it. Share it! See more at USA Sevens Rugby Read more

#dadjokes #wifesidea

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Catholic and Mormon: Author Q&A with Professor Stephen H. Webb

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Stephen H. Read more

Street FX Motorsport & Graphics

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Pretty much how some of my friends drive H/T PatrickRead more