“Whell what the heck should I do with this thing?!” #bigsister ##2

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DeMatha High School on Instagram: “Mr. Twigg’s Gold Challenge.”

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“Mr. Twigg’s Gold Challenge.” Who’s with me? (There’s silver and bronze levels too)Read more


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This little girl trying to say ‘perfect’ is hilarious… Read more

9th Wonder

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In Case You Missed It…… #RhyThmRoulette Read more

Mysterious dude in Iowa is following Ted Cruz around and accusing him of liking Nickelback

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Ted Cruz likes Nickelback, if you believe a mysterious protester in Iowa. Read more

Монгол Бодол

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Хэдэн хүүхэд байна тоолоорой Тоолж чадсан нь Share “Hey guys I got 4 wheel drive who wants to go do donuts in the police parking lot?”Read more

Monks of Norcia / I Monaci di Norcia

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Monk’s beer now available in America!Read more

Order of the Most Holy Trinity

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Continue to pray and advocate for the Christian community in the Middle East who suffer persecution by ISIS. Read more


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The Bush-Reagan Republican primary debate over illegal immigration played out very differently in 1980 than it’s playing out now. #GOPdebate Read more